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Poster: captpete Date: Sep 6, 2016 12:27pm
Forum: software Subject: Game Manuals Posted to Wrong Collection

There are many (I only checked the games I have) manuals posted in "atari2600manuals" that do not belong. They are either for different Consoles or for a Computer, not a console.

Kangaroo_1983_Atari (a5200)

Crossbow_1987_Atari (a7800)
Double_Dragon_1989_Activision (a7800)

Dig_Dug_1983_Atar (c64)
Galaxian_1983_Atari (c64)
H.E.R.O._1984_Activision (c64)

Donkey_Kong_1982_Coleco (ColecoVision)
Donkey_Kong_Junior_1983_Coleco (ColecoVision)

I'm sure there are more; When I have the time I will check the rest and post again.